In this episode, I talk with David Frego about the Dalcroze Eurhythmics philosophy. David has many years experience teaching piano and music, incorporating Eurhythmics. He is a Master Teaching Artist with the American Eurhythmics Society and leads teacher training sessions all over the world. We discuss the history of Dalcroze, the philosophy, the concepts of Time, Space, and Energy, and the four pillars of the philosophy:

  1. Eurhythmics
  2. Rhythmic Solfége
  3. Improvisation
  4. Plastique Animée

Top quotes from the episode:

  • “It’s an approach to experience all the elements of music kinesthetically”
  • “Everybody has their own steady beat”
  • “Students begin to feel the rhythmic patterns internally, before we’re ready to label it”

American Eurhythmics Society
Meaning Movement: A Music Teacher’s Guide to Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Creative Teaching Conference
July 7-9, 2024 in Cincinnati OH

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