Teaching theory is a must . . . and it’s even better in groups! It’s more fun, students get social activity, they gain encouragement and support from their peers, and you can increase your income! Based on the Cooperative Learning Theory, students learn faster in small groups. You can also maximize your effectiveness by teaching several students all at once! Glory St. Germain joins to give us lots of information on how to implement such a program in your studio.

Start small by just offering a 6-week “camp.” Students can even bring a friend! Once the parents see that their child is not only learning but also having fun, begging them to come back, they will sign up for the rest of the year! You can also get potential students from local school bands, choirs, and orchestras. The directors will be delighted to send their students to you for theory!

Glory’s 3 things to remember:

  1. Connect theory to practical
  2. Celebrate small wins
  3. Foster a community of life-long learners

Example of a class outline:

  1. New concept
  2. Implementation
  3. Gamification
  4. Practical application

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