05 The Way to Get More Students From Your Website

Is your Website working to get you more students? In this episode, we discuss some important tips to make sure you’re including and excluding the right things! The goal of your website is not to impress people with your credentials, talk about your policies and pricing, or get them to follow you on social media. The goal is to get them to contact you! How? By following these tips . . .

04 The Way Movement Unlocks Musicality (David Frego)

In this episode, I talk with David Frego about the Dalcroze Eurhythmics philosophy. David has many years experience teaching piano and music, incorporating Eurhythmics. He is a Master Teaching Artist with the American Eurhythmics Society and leads teacher training sessions all over the world. We discuss the history of Dalcroze, the philosophy, the concepts of Time, Space, and Energy, and the four pillars of the philosophy: Eurhythmics, Rhythmic Solfége, Improvisation, and Plastique Animée.

03 The Way to Do Away With Makeup Lessons (Tiffani Smith)

In this episode, I talk with Tiffani Smith about makeup lessons and how to not have to do them! With 36 years of teaching experience and running a music school with multiple teachers and staff, Tiffani shares her insights and strategies to help piano teachers who struggle with trying to accommodate rescheduling requests. I get it. We are kind, compassionate people and want our students and clients to be satisfied! However, it can be a stressful nightmare to try to deal with rescheduling lessons, keeping track of a 24-hour notice, counting up how many lessons a student has had, and many other issues. Tiffani shares her successful tips and has a wonderfully encouraging tone. If you’ve ever considered making life easier by not having to do makeup lessons, Tiffani will surely give you the confidence to take the plunge!

02 The Way to Teach Beginning Improv – 5 Tips

In this episode we talk about the benefits of improvisation and why every musician should improvise, even from the very beginning! Even if you’re a teacher who doesn’t really improvise, you can still teach it! We go over the 5 practical tips to help you teach improv to your beginner piano students.

01 The Way to Teach Better is to Keep Learning

How do you improve your teaching and business? Professional Development! Sounds boring, but it’s actually fun! In this episode, we talk about the many benefits of attending conferences. I also give you info on several conferences and workshops you should check out! Of course, I share my own memorable stories, too!

00 The Piano Sensei Way Trailer

Welcome to The Piano Sensei Way! I help you master the art of running an effective piano teaching studio! In this preview, I talk about the two main focuses: 1) teaching piano and 2) running your teaching business