Episodes about: beginners

09 The Way to Teach Beginners with No Book (Tim Topham)

Tim Topham, internationally recognized leader in music education and founder of Top Music, joins the show to talk about his approach to delay method books and reading in order to focus on creativity and musicality first! Tim says, “Why don’t we leave the method books alone for a few weeks and do improvisation, creativity, musicality, and skill training first, before we introduce reading? I’m not against method books at all. They are a brilliant, structured, scaffolded way to teach students to read music. But is that the thing to do in lesson one? And my answer would be a very strong “no!”

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02 The Way to Teach Beginning Improv – 5 Tips

In this episode we talk about the benefits of improvisation and why every musician should improvise, even from the very beginning! Even if you’re a teacher who doesn’t really improvise, you can still teach it! We go over the 5 practical tips to help you teach improv to your beginner piano students.

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