Episodes about: groups

24 The Way to Evolve Your Studio (Amy Chaplin)

Amy Chaplin is a piano teaching entrepreneur — In addition to running her private studio, she is a blogger, podcaster, and presenter! Today we discuss three of her “big picture” studio evolutions: lesson formats, group class scheduling, and dabbling in other ventures. We talk about the motivation behind making changes and advice on evolving your studio. You’ll enjoy hearing her stories even if you aren’t looking to make any major changes!

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13 The Way to Teach Theory Classes (Glory St. Germain)

Teaching theory is a must . . . and it’s even better in groups! It’s more fun, students get social activity, they gain encouragement and support from their peers, and you can increase your income! Based on the Cooperative Learning Theory, students learn faster in small groups. You can also maximize your effectiveness by teaching several students all at once! Glory St. Germain gives joins us to give us lots of information on how to implement such a program in your studio.

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